fishmonger19 (fishmonger19) wrote,

Let's have ourselves a champagne jam

So, for America Hates Poultry Day, Alexis and I went up to Lungeyeland to hang out with my mom and feast on a meal at Bryant and Copper, a painfully fancy steakhouse, graciously paid for by my painfully well-off cousin. Now we've got left-overs to eat for at least a week! Yay, food!

Worst part of the day: my mom, who has MS, tripped up the stairs and banged herself up pretty well. The fall itself wasn't so bad, though, and nor was it an MS-y slip up. It was an honest trip that anyone coulda made, but she spent the rest of the day beating herself up for it, and feeling more handicapped than she deserved to.

Best part of the day, by far: because she was kinda shaken up by said fall, a few minutes later, she introduced me to her neighbor's 10 year-old daughter, and then introduced Alexis as, "My son's lover." The kid blanched, and my mom burst out in hysterical laughter, claiming she meant, "This is my son's girlfriend, who I love." It's always a successful holiday when you can scar a kid for life.

And lastly, despite the fact that LJ has been a bustlin' activityland for a while now, I might not be online for a little while as we can't afford to pay our interweb bill at the moment. So, in the meantime, remember me fondly, while I try to somehow scrounge up the cash to make Time Warner cease being such a cockblock.

Yay, economy! 28 days and counting without a job!
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