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Last day at New Line. Sad. I shall miss this place and people for sure.

So, to cheer me up, here's a meme stolen from king_duncan!

1. Go to Flickr
2. Search "Halloween [The Year You Were Born]"
3. Post your favorites

I also grabbed a bunch from an incredibly odd soiree in someone's basement, but none of the pictures are uploading. Your loss, dudes.

Also, I'm incredibly irritated with airline commercirals right now. Anyone else feeling that? Two, in particular. And I keep having to see them over and over again, either on TV or on those small little elevator monitors that tell you how stocks were doing 45 minutes ago.

First off, there's this one (which, despite seeing 400 times this week, I can't find online for the life of me, so I'll just use my narrative skillz): a guy in a nice suit walks out of a building, and then someone (one assumes his secretary) runs up to him with some papers, and then another person comes up and starts measuring his arm, and then another person runs up to him, and another, and another, and a golf cart, and a woman with food, and OHMYGODTHEENTIRECITYISRUNNINGAFTERHIMDOWNTHESTREET!!!!! And then it cuts to him sleeping in a bunk on an airplane, all alone save for a sexy flight attendant, who whispers, "Good night, Mr. Douchejug," and he's all safe and warm and in the fetal position, practically sucking his thumb. To which I say: Oh, boo-fucking-hoo, Mr. Businessman. So many people are trying to get in touch with you! With the suit alterations and the catering and the golf buddy. "Wah! So many people are trying to give me things and help me! Waaaah! I wanna nap on the plane, so the hot Asian stewardess will tuck me in, possibly diaper me, and let me jack off on her later! She even knows my name, 'cause this is essentially a high-altitude brothel!"

(EDIT: I found it!

And then there's this one. Another one that pretty much says, "Hey, Asian stewardesses'll blow you! Good for you, Richie Rich!" I mean, the end, when the phallic plane pulls up towards the window, the guy gets a martini from the hot lady, and then she opens her lips ever so slightly as she walks away. Come fucking on.

I mean, a) the economy is so piss poor right now that anything that caters to this level of luxury should just get slapped in the face, and b) shouldn't there be some sort of law that says commercials need to be at least slightly subliminal about their sexuality? 
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